About Us

Where do we begin? As mentioned before, we’ve been in business for over 35 years. We’ve done any and all kind of events.We’ve done weddings and parties in San Francisco, Kentucky, Cancun, Florida, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. There’s no job too big or too small. Seeing this is my company, one thing is for sure, if you book Rooney Tunes, you get Rooney Tunes. If you meet with me, you get me. We never send someone else to do our job which is important with your entertainment. 

We’ll meet with you in your home, go over details from start to finish, work things out with you so when the day of the party comes, all you need to do is come and have a great time!

A lot of work goes into planning an event and it could be very stressful. If you need help or advice about something, we’re here for you. We have a number of people we know and can recommend for whatever you’re looking for. 

We are fully insured and always have back up equipment just in case of an emergency.

We also dress how you want us to dress. Your choice of tuxedo, suit, or business casual which usually means a polo shirt and kakis.

We’ve been doing events for so long that some of the Sweet 16’s and BarMitzvahs we’ve done are now getting married and we’re getting hired to do their weddings! That should tell you something about Rooney Tunes!

Give us a call or text at 914-216-1773. We’ll talk with you, go over things and give you a no hassle price.

You can also emails us at rooneytunes.dj@verizon.net