Sweet 16’s

Sweet 16’s are a lot of fun. We take all of the requests that are given to us and create a great night of dance music. Put some awesome club lightin in the mix along with a great sound system and you have a great night. Usually, we don’t do too many games for Sweet 16’s. We do offer a number of fun line dances that we can show and teach your guests, so they can jump up and join in. 

 We will sit with you and your daughter and go over every detail from introductions, to a possible dance with a parent or another member of the family. We will coordinate the candle lighting if you choose to do one, along with special songs for each person that has a candle to light. 

 Things that work veery well with Sweet 16’s are dance lighting, up lighting, a choice of photo booths, sign in boards or books, and some group dances. 

 Your daughter can send us a list of her favorite songs and we’ll make sure they all get played providing there is no foul language in them. 

 Sweet 16’s are high energy and our goal is to keep your guests up and involved and dancing. Feel free to reach out to us to set up an appointment so we can plan your next event and make it an amazing one!

Email us rooneytunes.dj@verizon.net